Job Descriptions: Excutive Team

Vice President of Finance
This person handles all financial transactions within RFPA.

  • Prepare annual budget
  • Maintain full control of budget and create effective procedures and policies for both internal and external parties seeking funds
  • Manage, monitor and motivate internal and external account managers
  • Based on budget, decide which projects to undertake
  • Oversee reimbursements to members
  • Manage Accounts Payable and Receivable in a timely and responsible manner
  • Assists in Creating Funding Request presentations in coordination with external
    account manager for TRSS when seeking TRSS Funds

Vice President of Corporate Relations
This person helps find corporate sponsorships and corporate speakers for RFPA

  • Create a Sponsorship System with Plan, Database, Milestones, Constant
  • Communication, Rewards and End-of Year communications
  • Manage, monitor and motivate CR external directors and associates
  • Create Official Sponsorship package with varying levels of Sponsorship to attain funding
  • Maintain records or database with current and potential sponsors
  • Working with VP Events to select and ensure industry attendees at events
  • Regular communication with current and other prospective sponsors
  • Negotiate with potential sponsors to ensure mutual needs are met

Vice President of Human Resource Management
This person is responsible for establishing and maintaining a complete Human
Resource Management System within RFPA and keeping organized member

  • Handle and organize recruitment and selection of RFPA members
  • Manage, monitor and motivate performance of communication director, recruitment manager, and internal manager
  • Monitor Executive and Associate records, including attendance RFPA – Description of Executive Roles
  • Create professional, detailed Job Descriptions and Job Specifications
  • Plan, coordinate and report Employee Training
  • Handle performance evaluations
  • Implement 3 strike rule

Vice President of Marketing
This person is in charge of all various marketing promotions for RFPA.

  • Develop an annual Marketing Plan encompassing all media and personal
    promotions for group as a whole and specific events
  • Oversee promotions:
    • Manage, monitor and motivate marketing managers and associate
    • Ensure Social Media promotions: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website etc.
    • Manage Photography and Video promotions: take photos and videos during events, edit and post publicly
    • Graphic Communications: ensure Website and promotional materials promote brand and events effectively
    • Kiosk promotions

Vice President of Events
This person is responsible for planning and coordinating all of our events, including
those within the FAST Program.

  • Choose events which will aid in RFPA achieving our Organizational Goals
  • Manage, monitor and motivate event directors and associates
  • Work with Director of FAST Program to arrange Skill-Building Sessions and organize fast program events
  • Plan and execute events effectively; book event rooms in timely manner
  • Work with marketing committees to create branding and promoting plans, including social media
  • Work with VP Finance to budget and make necessary purchases for each event
  • Write a Debrief Report following every event